1- We always have “first step “. Often we get overwhelmed with the problem that we have to deal with and everything goes round and round in the head. This is reminding us that we need to take one step at a time in order to solve the problem. This stops us being overwhelmed and helps us achieve our goals without getting too stressed. ————————- 2- Throw your shoulders back, step forward, and take a risk! Be willing to listen to the beat of your own drum. Honor your truth. Speak up for yourself. Be impeccable in all of your actions. ————————— 3- Just remember to take care of yourself too. An empty cup cannot fill another.

للحصول علي النسخه الورقية داخل مصر

للحصول علي النسخه الإلكترونية

د نشوى ناجى

لا يتوفر تعريف عن المؤلف

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