This book for all mankind, sons of Adam to know the truth about the world and to know our powers. because our enemy know everything about us and most of us know nothing he told god I’m better than Adam. you created him from clay and you created me from fire. but when Adam and Lucifer sent down to mother earth he noticed that we are better than him because our minds so , he was trying to know more and more about us and he used mankind to work for him with deals and he deceived them to deceive us and make all humans prisoners inside a box (the matrix) or (the evil bubble) to control our minds .we are all sons of Adam and we are all created by the hand of god himself and he blows inside Adam with his soul ,so we are all children of god and we are so strong our enemy is one . Together we are better and we can make the world better it’s a new world order of peace and love. Let’s save the world before………………………………………………………>>> ——————- This book is going to take you in joyful trip to find the truth of yourselves and difference between the unreal world and the real world that most of us don.t know about by reading. watching videos and movies realated to the book it is about how to use our powers (energy) as humans god created us different and better than any creation he created. We are better than them by one thing it.s our minds. i am going to tell you everything about your mind and how it works more to make a balance between body. mind and soul.

للحصول علي النسخه الورقية داخل مصر

للحصول علي النسخه الإلكترونية

( Mo.tork ) محمد ترك


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